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Make Sure Your Employees Are Paid Properly

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When you run a business, you’re responsible for everything from scheduling employees to tracking inventory shipments. But the most important thing you’re responsible for is paying your employees correctly. Let Jennifer L Untiedt LLC take away some of your stress. You can count on us for weekly, biweekly or monthly payroll services in Eaton or Loveland, CO.

We’ll calculate hours, create paychecks and set up direct deposits. We can also handle quarterly payroll tax recording, monthly tax deposits and year-end reports. Call 970-652-4299 now to speak with our payroll accountant about your needs.

Don’t try to use Payroll Software:

You may think it’s easier or cheaper to use payroll software rather than hiring a payroll accountant. However, that would be a mistake because:

  • You could make a minor or major mistake that results in hefty fines
  • You’ll have to spend hours processing payments, preparing payroll or handling tax returns
  • You’ll have less time to focus on improving your business and making your customers happy

Let us focus on your payroll needs while you focus on running your business. If you need payroll services, contact us today.